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March to Dublin is misplacing blame over flags

I live in Dublin and have been keeping up with the Union flag flying over the City Hall issue.

I am interested in this issue purely for the stupidity of the decision not to fly the Union flag. It is political correctness gone wrong.

The fact is that Northern Ireland is self-governing, but in the end it is still a part of Britain.

Social services, infrastructure and laws are set according to British norms and standards, along with the currency. Are all these things to be challenged, as well?

The Union flag should fly from City Hall, I feel, just as the tricolour flies here. It makes complete sense.

My concern is that a march is organised to Dublin to protest about the tricolour flying on our government buildings. I'm sorry, but why Dublin? Why not Paris? Or Rome?

We are a declared sovereign state, with no obligation to answer to any other state about what flags we fly.

I don't see the point of the march. There are extremists on all sides and the nationalist extremists (or even anybody looking for a fight) will appear on the streets of Dublin to have a go at these marchers.

But to what end? It was a decision made by Northern Irish elected representatives - nothing to do with southern Ireland.

Fly what you like over City Hall, but your fight is not with anyone but yourselves.



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