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My memorial trip was such a disappointment

It was with extreme disappointment that I, along with more than 100 people, walked to the City Hall on the night of April 14 to pay our respects at the Titanic memorial to find the whole area cordoned off.

We travelled to the City Hall to mark the occasion of the moment, 100 years ago, that Titanic hit the iceberg and we were very disappointed to find the area being guarded to keep us and visitors to Northern Ireland out.

Having watched the memorial service on Sunday morning, I fully understand the enormity of what was being constructed at City Hall for the service and, therefore, of what needed to be achieved overnight to be able to commemorate the tragic deaths of so many people in such a respectful and fitting way.

Having said that, I remain very disappointed that I - and so many others - were prevented from marking the time that Titanic hit the iceberg in an appropriate manner.

Surely the work could have been put off until after midnight to give everyone the chance to mark the occasion?


Newtownards, Co Down

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