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Northern Ireland parties must think outside sectarian box

If election posters in the Warrenpoint area are anything to go by, the election on March 2 is shaping up to be a polarised Orange and Green event.

Only the two nationalist parties have made any significant showing on posters. There are 11 candidates. Where are the other nine? Are our votes to be so taken for granted?

Both coalition parties have a case to answer for the mess at Stormont. Despite this, polls and pundits indicate a return of the miscreants.

A pity so many are incapable (or unwilling) to think outside their sectarian box. Mike Nesbitt's magnanimous gesture has not been received with the credit it deserves.

Vote transfers will definitely not affect the constitutional issue - only appropriate referenda will do that.

Our country is at a crucial crossroads and not in a very healthy state. Consider recent violence, Brexit and a 'hard' border, an imploding devolution experiment, to be followed by direct rule and an uninterested and distracted British Government? Deja Vu?


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