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PSNI: 'Dissidents are planning Christmas terror blitz'

Why don't all republicans and loyalists just clear off and let everyone else have an enjoyable Christmas with their families?

Matt Mungavin

They need to wake up. Nobody wants them.

Paul O'Connor

Just go away, disband, whatever. Get the message that you aren't wanted.

Ethan Fleischer

Is it not strange that, when Sinn Fein don't get what they want, or are upset by something, the dissidents seem to come out of their hole? Coincidence?

Karl Knox

This story gets rehashed every year and nothing happens.

Gearoid McGeough

Nothing major ever happens? What about the bomb in Cathedral Quarter that went off last December, which caused approximately 1,000 people being evacuated from restaurants in the area? Is that not major? Or are people's lives not the priority anymore? What about the car bomb outside the Victoria Square car park, also last December? Open your eyes.

Deano Hunter

I see you guys have as much issue with republicans as we have in the US. Destructive nutcases.

Nancye Kirtle

The sooner they are seen for what they are the better. Dissidents? Tell the truth: it's the 'RA.

Katie Kirkham

Surely there's some island somewhere full of crocodiles and snakes and surrounded by sharks that all these people could be exported to?

Sam Robinson

Let me guess. It's police budget time?

Brian Aitken

I'm in the Republic and this actually puts me off the idea of going up there for Christmas shopping.

Martin Gosling

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