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Friday 18 April 2014

Solution to blue badge problems

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I can understand the problem the two blue badge holders (for parking for people with disabilities) encountered, as there is actually nothing on the badge to state which side is the front (Belfast Telegraph, October 10).

One side has the holder's details and photo while the other has the serial number of the badge and the wheelchair symbol. Surely, it would not be too hard for the badge to be redesigned with the words 'front' displayed on the appropriate side?

As a police officer, I have in the past had difficulty obtaining information to complete the old fixed penalty notices for misuse of the badge before they were decriminalised and handed to the traffic wardens to process.

A Roads Service leaflet states that the badge must be displayed with the wheelchair symbol facing towards the windscreen so that the serial number can be recorded where an offence has been detected.

Helpful citizen, Newtownards

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