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Sunday 20 April 2014

We don't want 'gay marriage', we want marriage

In recent weeks a certain amount of attention has been paid to the subject of 'gay marriage'.

I would like to clarify just one particular issue I am having with the label that the media has attempted to create here in Northern Ireland.

Correct terminology for the struggle the LGBT community is currently facing would be to use 'marriage equality' as this is far more accurate. Nobody is campaigning to create a separate definition for marriage before the law.

Such compartmentalism is actually what helps fuel the inequalities that the LGBT community face on a daily basis.

We are not any more or less special than any other persecuted minority out there and we don't expect special treatment, simply equal treatment to all our fellow human beings in Northern Ireland.

I had lunch today; it wasn't a 'gay lunch'. I also drove a car today and it most certainly wasn't a 'gay car'. I also have a meeting with a government official today; it is not a 'gay meeting'

Why then should my marriage when I get round to falling in love with someone be categorised separately as a 'Gay Marriage' ?

Marriage is marriage and love is love.

It cannot be outlined in a more simple way than that.

Gary Spedding

Equal Marriage Northern Ireland

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