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We must stop pandering to the criminals

Published 02/06/2010

So the Belfast Telegraph's editorial writer believes the 'Prison Service is suffering from the fact that it did not get a Patten-style revamp like the RUC' (Comment, May 27). Who - apart from Chris Patten himself - would agree?

Patten was a failed Tory MP, rejected by the electorate in the 'safe' Tory seat of Bath, who then became the last governor of Hong Kong where he managed to engineer a political row with the Chinese before the inevitable handover to enhance his profile.

Now he is an EU Commissioner on £250,000 per annum. Do we have a more efficient police service as a result of Patten?

RUC crime clear-up figures were as high as 42%. PSNI figures have increased to 23%, making it among the worst performing in the the UK. Spare us the same fate for our Prison Service. We have in our prison population a criminal mafia who threaten us. The public care little about the 'regime' at Maghaberry when we know it takes approximately 33% more of our taxpayers' money to keep a prisoner in custody here than in Great Britain.

It is cost-cutting we demand - not pandering to the needs and 'rights' of criminals. David Ford and Belfast Telegraph editorial writers take note.



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