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Archery: Shooting Robin Hood

It's the toughest thing in archery

We all associate Robin Hood with archery, but few outside the world of the ancient sport know that, to those who take part, Robin Hood is more than the man in tights usually played by a handsome celebrity.

To shoot a Robin Hood is a rare and costly incident where an archer shoots one of his arrows directly into another already in the target, thus ruining both of the arrows. Traditionally the offending arrows become a trophy and are proudly displayed in a prominent place within the house of the archer and the story of "the day I shot a Robin Hood" is passed down through the generations.

You can bet that famed Hollywood legend Errol Flynn, who played the part of the legendary woodsman in the 1930s and 40s, had never achieved such a feat.

So rare it is that it had never occurred on a Larne Archery Club practice night until recently. Chris Taylor, who is one of the Co Antrim club's newest members, recently destroyed two new arrows by shooting an infamous Robin Hood - no doubt impressing more than a few Maid Marions in the process

"Chris became a member of Larne Archery Club on completion of an archery beginner's course which was held by Larne Leisure Centre in October," said a spokesperson for Larne Archery Club.

"This six-week course gave him a taste for the sport along with teaching him the important skills and rules involved in making archery enjoyable and safe.

"Not only did Chris complete the course and join the club on its completion, but he also roped his dad into it, so we now have another family amongst our members.

"It's great for Chris to have managed a Robin Hood but he'll have to shell out for a couple of new arrows now!"

If you are interested in taking part in an archery beginner's course, contact Larne Leisure Centre for details. Places are limited and filled on a first come first served basis

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