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Alan Green: Chelsea lucky and Terry a disgrace

Even at a week’s distance, I find it hard to be calm and balanced about my reaction to that extraordinary game in the Nou Camp. Yes, Chelsea, against overwhelmingly odds, defended heroically but they couldn’t have made it through if Barcelona, by their elevated standards, hadn’t played so poorly.

Remember, Cech didn’t save Messi’s penalty, Messi missed it. And the more Barcelona relied on the little Argentine, the more he seemed over-burdened. Even the greatest players can have off-nights. We expect too much

I’m afraid though there was still one sour note about Chelsea’s magnificent display: John Terry: ‘Captain, Leader, Legend’. His initial defence of the assault on Sanchez was, for Terry, typicalbut lamentable: rather like saying ‘that tree appeared from nowhere and hit my car’. Terry, the King of lamentable excuses.

Why on earth do UEFA think it appropriate for Terry to lift the trophy should Chelsea triumph in Munich? Let him jump up and down on the touchline, no doubt bare-chested and wearing the captain’s armband. But shake Platini’s hand? Please no.

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