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David Healy: How about Beckham v Maradona?

It's great that both David Beckham and Diego Maradona are going to the World Cup finals.

I know Becks played only a cameo role for England in their 3-0 win over Belarus, but it was enough to show everyone why he should be on the plane to South Africa.

He’s not just the face of English football, he’s the face of English sport and he’s the face of English fashion as well.

In fact he is effectively the face of England full stop.

I know there are people out there who continually criticise Beckham, but he still has what it takes to play a key role for England next summer.

You never know, he could come up against Maradona and Argentina.

I’m glad Argentina qualified because a team with all their world class players should be at the World Cup.

The thing is now that they are there, they could go all the way, despite all their recent problems.

And after leading his country to World Cup glory in 1986 as a player that would be another incredible chapter in Maradona’s astonishing life.

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