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David Healy: Hughes having a fantastic season

Aaron Hughes is having a fantastic season for Fulham.

A case in point was his excellent performance against Manchester United last weekend.

You wouldn’t know it though. Aaron has never been one to talk about himself or how well he is playing.

He is one of those defenders that you don’t often notice, mostly because he rarely makes mistakes, and also because for Aaron it is all about the team not personal glory.

He’s been an outstanding player for Northern Ireland over the years, as well as a terrific captain, and always seems to stand up and be counted when we need him most.

He’ll be crucial to us against Poland.

He’s our Mr Reliable and Mr Sensible on and off the pitch.

He really is the perfect pro.

Damien Johnson is another top bloke. Jonty’s not one for fuss but it’s worth mentioning that he wins his 50th Northern Ireland cap on Saturday.

It’s a great achievement and one that he deserves. He has come through a lot of injuries in the last few years and it is great to have him back in the squad.

And before I forget, well done to Derek McKinley, our team attendant, AKA the ginger Fonz, who will be working at something like his 208th game for Northern Ireland. Just how old are you, Derek?

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