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David Healy: I feel for Portsmouth fans – it’s such a mess

Portsmouth have been in the news for all the wrong reason recently.

It really is a shame what has happened at Fratton Park. I first played there many years ago in the Championship and it is a stadium full of atmosphere.

The supporters are fanatical and passionate and what is happening at their football club is a nightmare for them.

It’s amazing to think that just a couple of years ago Pompey players and the then manager Harry Redknapp (pictured) were dancing around Wembley having won the FA Cup.

That was the greatest day ever for Portsmouth fans, who I’m sure thought they would kick on and enjoy more success in the future. It has not worked out the way anyone thought.

As I write this they have been given a stay of execution.

They escaped being wound up at the High Court earlier this week, but they aren’t out of the woods yet, not by a long way. Fears remain that they could go under.

People say it shouldn’t happen to a club like Portsmouth, but I was at Leeds United, who would be considered a bigger outfit, when they went into administration, so it really can happen to anybody.

There is a myth that goes around that when a club is experiencing huge financial problems it doesn’t have any impact on the players.

Of course it has an impact on you if you haven’t been paid for weeks, which has been the case at Portsmouth this season.

I fear for Pompey’s future and genuinely hope they get things sorted before it is too late.

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