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Glentoran bus smeared with faeces in Republic of Ireland

A number of buses carrying Glentoran football fans were broken into during a match in the Republic of Ireland yesterday, with human excrement being left on one coach.

According to the Irish Exmainer, a woman’s handbag, house and car keys and coats were also stolen in the incident as the Belfast club played Rovers in the Setanta Cup competition.

All buses carrying fans from Glentoran supporters’ clubs were escorted inside the Showgrounds to what was believed to be a secure car park before the match.

Human waste was smeared along the floor of one of the buses during the break-in.

Local gardaí are investigating after officers at the ground received one complaint of theft. A full statement was being taken today.

It is believed the buses were broken into through the emergency exits while the match was on.

Glentoran were beaten 2-0 by Sligo Rovers in the quarter-final tie.

The second leg at the Oval is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20.

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