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Hunger, not cash, is key to success at Linfield: Spike

By Graham Luney

Glenn Ferguson feels the secret behind Linfield’s title success is their players’ desire to win medals — not chase the dollar.

Linfield’s rivals like to highlight an embarrassment of riches at Windsor Park but a number of players have rejected a move to the champions for a bigger pay day elsewhere.

Ferguson heard the ‘superior resources’ argument many times during his trophy laden career at the international venue but he’s happy to rubbish it.

“It’s how you use the resources that counts and it’s obvious that other clubs have resources because they have been able to offer players more money than Linfield,” said Ferguson.

“When Linfield are interested in a player other clubs have stepped in and offered them more money. If that’s what motivates the player then it’s clear that clubs will not always get the players they want.

“I see that Stephen Carson has joined Glentoran and I don’t know the financial agreement there but Linfield were interested in signing him for some time. Stephen’s a very good player but it’s another example of Linfield having real competition when it comes to signing players.”

Ferguson, the second highest scorer in the domestic game, is hoping to net his 564th goal against his former club today.

His last goal was a sweet one at the Oval and now he would like to score one last time at Ballyskeagh.

“I’d like to go out with a bang,” said the 41-year-old.

Ferguson is no stranger to a Linfield title party but this time he will be offering congratulations, rather than soaking up all the applause.

“When it comes to the nitty gritty of a title race and what needs to be done the Linfield players have the experience of knowing what it takes,” added Ferguson.

“When push comes to shove they have the players to get the team across the line.

“Everyone talks about having a great spine and when you look at Alan Blayney and Peter Thompson as well as the strength they have in midfield, there is so much strength in depth there and they were always the favourites to win the league.

“People had asked questions about David (Jeffrey) when things didn’t go their way over Christmas but they turned the screw and five doubles in six seasons would be an unbelievable achievement.

“I know Winkie (Murphy) is out of the cup final but they still have the players who can win the game for them.”

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