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Irish League streamed to world

By Graham Luney

The Irish League is set to reach its biggest ever audience after a deal which will see more than 250 games streamed live over the internet next season.

A new long-term agreement between the NI Football League and TRACKCHAMP brings new state-of-the-art technology to the game along with significant investment.

TRACKCHAMP, a joint venture between digital entertainment and Chyronhego, is now the league's official streaming and data partner.

Cameras situated at every Premiership venue will produce real-time streaming video with graphics and collect performance data. Such data will include player speed and distance covered, ball speed, the percentage of possession of each team, and many other statistics. As well as allowing fans from overseas the opportunity to watch their side in action, coaches will reap the benefits of the performance stats.

Linfield boss Warren Feeney said: "I've used this before and seen it in England. The way our game is it needs to be done.

"We may not go deep into things because of the resources and knowledge available but I did my homework against AIK Solna and it's amazing how much detail is uncovered.

"It's like the 0.1 per cent that can make the difference in a Formula One car. It's vital information you need to improve performance."

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