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It’s Friday night lights for Newry City

By Stuart McKinley

Friday night’s alright for Newry City manager Gerry Flynn - and it’s just as well.

The club is handing fans a Friday football fix by ditching Saturday home games between now and the end of January in a bid to boost attendances.

And if the experiment works then Friday night matches may well become the norm in the border town.

Carling Premiership clubs can now switch their home matches to Fridays, by giving the visiting club a month’s notice of their plans.

The first of Newry’s Friday night home games will be against Donegal Celtic on September 3 and they will also travel to face Coleraine on Friday, October 1.

“It’s about trying to get new people into the ground and we want to see if the Friday thing works, not just for a week or two, but over a period of time,” said Flynn.

“We’ll be putting things on before and after the matches as well to try to attract people.

“We’re trying to open up our matches to people who would normally be tied up in Carnbane League matches on a Saturday and to the city as a whole.

“If it works; if it is a success then the club will look at continuing with playing matches on a Friday night.

“If not then we can always say we gave it a try.”

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