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Kerr proud as Linfield confirm Windsor Park deal

By Graham Luney

Linfield have confirmed that they have struck a deal with the Irish FA, Sport NI and the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL) for a Windsor Park makeover.

Blues chairman Jim Kerr issued a statement on the club’s website confirming that redevelopment the could now go ahead.

The statement read: “We have finally reached a new agreement following long and complex discussions with the IFA, Sport NI and the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL).

“The successful outcome of this, pending final sign off, will now allow local football to have its share of the £110m provided by government to progress stadium development for the three sports of football, rugby and gaelic sport.

“Windsor Park will now be redeveloped into a modern 18,000 all-seater stadium with a completion date set for 2015.

“There will be new stands at the South and Railway ends, a major refurbishment of the North and Kop Stands, superior facilities for players, supporters and staff, new offices and a Linfield FC shop.

“Total compliance with all national and international requirements should provide a stadium that will bring pride to all who use it.”

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