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No league of Ireland bias in Setanta Cup: Milo Corcoran

By Stuart McKinley

Setanta Sports Cup committee chairman Milo Corcoran has attacked those who claim that the competition favours League of Ireland clubs.

The man who was one of the tournament's main drivers when all-Ireland football returned 10 years ago after a 25 year absence is, however, concerned about its future if no suitable dates can be agreed to play this year's event.

The draw for the 2015 competition was to have been held yesterday, but the scheduling is proving to be a headache. Corcoran revealed to the Belfast Telegraph that the proposed June quarter-finals have been scrapped and that crucial discussions will now take place in order to come up with a plan that suits all the participants.

If those talks fail then Corcoran, the former Football Association of Ireland President, fears the Setanta Cup will disappear from the football calendar.

"The Chief Executives of the Irish FA and FAI have been asked to look at suitable dates," said Corcoran.

"We met as far back as last September to set out a plan for the 2015 competition so it is disappointing to have to postpone the draw at the last minute.

"We have had no other option but to scrap the June dates and we have between now and the conclusion of the League of Ireland season at the end of October to get it played.

"I am an optimist, so I would say, yes, we will get it played this year, but it is a concern and it'd be a shame if it was to end, because for 10 years it has been a good competition."

Glenavon chairman Adrian Teer is among those unhappy with the arrangements.

He said that 'the whole competition seems geared towards the League of Ireland clubs' amid claims southern teams had been told when their matches would be played before the draw was even made.

Corcoran said: "Whoever is putting that about is very small minded.

"All the way along everyone has been treated the same. That's why it has been such a successful competition in the past."

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