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Ports aces must show mettle

By Scott Young

Portadown have shown some fighting spirit and renewed belief in their last two league games - and it's about time.

Ronnie McFall has been under pressure but I've been waiting for the Portadown players to stand up and be counted.

When are they going to fight for their manager?

Once those boys cross the white line they have to show character and belief.

Ronnie has been taking all the flak. The players, meanwhile, have not been firing and the 4-0 defeat at Coleraine was tough to watch.

The fightback and victory over Carrick Rangers could be a turning point but they had to settle for a 1-1 draw at Ballymena United and I'm a very frustrated spectator because we can all see the ability is there.

With their squad, the Ports should be title contenders.

Sometimes footballers don't like being told the truth but the Portadown squad will have to take some criticism on the chin and show what they are made of.

In the last two league games they have shown some heart and fight.

Hopefully they can continue to do so and turn the corner.

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