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Northern Ireland Wags - Jillian Lester

This week's Wag is Danielle Rainey.

This week's wag is Jillian Lester

Who’s yer man? 

Ian Lester, Finaghy YM

Is he any good?

Yes. He’s a goalkeeper and is good at throwing himself about. He has played at Irish League level for the likes of Ards and Larne, so he has to be pretty good.

His worst habit?

He turns into the Incredible Hulk when he’s playing, but thankfully he just keeps his bad temper on the pitch.

His best quality?

He’s a great husband and dad to our children. He is generous and kind to us.

Sexiest footballer around?

That’s easy. I would have to go for Francesco Totti, just because he’s so sexy. What else is there to say?

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