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Unpaid Glentoran scout departs crisis-hit club

By Graham Luney

Glentoran’s financial woes are a particularly bitter pill to swallow for those who have served the club with distinction.

The club’s players and officials are still waiting on their wages to come through as a cash crisis engulfs the east Belfast institution.

The savage cuts are a growing concern for the fans while those who have worked for the club have been waiting patiently for payments they are entitled to.

Scout Walter Windrum, who enjoyed two spells at the Glens totalling over 10 years while working with five managers, has walked away from the club after his travelling expenses were not paid since December.

As the club fights to clear a debt of £500,000 in the next 12 months, the money owed to former Crusaders scout Windrum — around £500 — has not been produced.

“I enjoyed working with Roy Coyle, Paul Millar, Alan McDonald, Scott Young and Eddie Patterson, but my wages haven’t been paid and there comes a point when you don’t want to work for nothing,” said Windrum.

“I thought Eddie (Patterson) would want to work with different people and it was time to move on.

“It leaves a sour taste in the mouth when you are owed money but the club finds itself in serious financial difficulty and it’s a real shame to see the club go down that road.”

The Glens are hoping to sell the Oval and move to the Titanic Quarter but they have requested a cash loan from the Irish FA to stay in business.

The club avoided being wound up last year thanks to a donation of around £450,000 from a mystery benefactor.

“They clearly overspent,” added Windrum. “Now I really do fear for the future of the club.”

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