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David Healy: Big Davy is a true champion - and he’s not finished yet

You have to hand it to David Jeffrey. He really is something special.

It seems to me that every season in recent times he has been written off, but continually delivers the goods at Windsor Park.

The midweek win over Glentoran has put Linfield in total control of the title race.

The Blues are all set for another Gibson Cup and Jeffrey deserves immense credit for that.

As everyone back home knows, Linfield supporters are extremely demanding and often big Davy has taken a lot of unwarranted stick.

Apart from his managerial abilities, he should be praised for showing real loyalty to the club at times when I’m sure he thought he had taken more abuse than he could handle.

Linfield without David Jeffrey would be hard to imagine though and I do believe that winning the title this season will increase his hunger and desire for trophies.

All the greats, at whatever level, strive for more and Jeffrey (pictured) is in that category.

It’s worth recalling that when the Linfield manager decided to release his main man Glenn Ferguson last summer, a lot of eyebrows were raised.

Mine included.

I said in this column that I thought it was a strange decision, but typical of Davy it looks like he is going to be vindicated.

Bringing in Pistol Pete Thompson in on loan mid-season was a masterstroke, though I do believe had Davy kept ‘Spike’ the Blues would still have won the league.

Maybe even a bit sooner!

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