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Irish FA will learn from past mistakes

By Staff Reporter

The Irish FA is a much more 'competent and professional' organisation than public perception would have you believe. So says new chairman Gerry Mallon.

He readily admits though that on occasions the IFA have not done themselves any favours and wants all at the Association to learn from the past.

Mallon says: "The media narrative of the IFA is that it is somewhat lacking in competence, that it's governance and administration has been a mess and that it has been a bungling organisation which shoots itself in the foot.

"Clearly it has had its issues in the past but what I've seen is an organisation that is a lot more competent and professional than the public perception, either of fans or the media.

"What it hasn't always done is presented itself in the right way and we have to change that.

"There are lessons to be learnt from what happened with the West (Kop) Stand for instance to allow our message to be more competently conveyed. I think we need to let a little more light in to the organisation and have the confidence to do that and to foster better relationships with the media."

Mallon, who views Patrick Nelson as an 'excellent Chief Executive' is well aware of a potential media storm heading the IFA's way if controversial figure David Martin is elected as President next year.

"The election is next year and one of the members of Council will be elected. I will work with whoever is elected. I haven't met anyone in the IFA or Council that I can't work with. The important thing as a Board is we have to govern the organisation in a really strong way. It has the potential to be a really strong team and is doing a competent job at the moment," said Mallon.

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