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Fans cry foul over Irish Cup Final ticket price hike

By Jonny Bell

Irish league fans have hit out at a 30% ticket hike in prices for this year's Irish Cup Final.

Coleraine face Linfield in the end of season showpiece at Windsor on May 6.

However, fans have cried 'foul' after tickets were released costing £20, with a concession priced at £10. That is an increase of £5 for a full price ticket on last year.

The price is set by the IFA's challenge cup committee, which is formed by club representatives, and after costs are deducted 80% of the profits go straight back to the two finalists.

"Are you having a laugh?" Asked Nathan Stephens on Facebook.

Others have pointed out that Windsor Park was rebuilt with the help of taxpayer cash.

"What should be a great advert for the Irish League will become a pr disaster, as ordinary people are priced out," wrote Iain McAfee on the Irish League Fans forum who said fans could be faced with a £70 cost for the day out.

"As a hardcore fan I would pay it. My issue is that instead of encouraging the part timers and friends and family they are excluding them probably leaving half the stadium empty. Great advert for the Irish League," he added.

Others said, compared to the cost of attending games in England, it represented "fantastic value".

"If they don't agreed with it then don't go, it's once a season for the biggest game," said Mark Doak.

Ricky Farlow added: "To be honest, what's £20 to go an see the Irish cup final? You would pay a lot lot more to go to a English league match at any time."

The Irish Football Association responded: "The ticket prices for the Tennent’s Irish Cup final are set by the Challenge Cup Committee of the Irish FA which is made up of representatives of clubs. After running costs, 80% of the gate receipts will be split evenly between the two competing finalists."

A general sale of tickets opens on Wednesday.

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