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Portadown guilty of paying players, fined £10k and given transfer ban - but avoid relegation

By Stuart McKinley

Portadown have been saved from relegation by the Irish FA’s Disciplinary Committee, despite being found to have committed offences relating to undisclosed payments to players.

The Shamrock Park club were deemed guilty on two counts at a hearing last night, but weren’t immediately thrown out of the Danske Bank Premiership.

Some in the game thought the  punishment would be automatic demotion, under Rule 8 of the IFA’s Salary Cap Protocol which governs undisclosed payments, but the committee dished out a £10,000 fine and a ban on signing professional players until June 2017 invoking Article 17 of the Articles of Association and finding the Ports guilty of bringing the game into disrepute.

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A statement released by the Irish FA read: “In light of the evidence, the committee found two matters proven and taking into account the evidence presented and the nature of the offences, imposed the following sanctions: A fine of £10,000, £5,000 payable within 14 days and £5,000 suspended until June 1, 2017 and a prohibition on Portadown FC from signing any new professional players on a new professional contract until June 1, 2017.”

The club, who have always protested their innocence, are considering an appeal.

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