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Local Wags - Suzanne Millar

This week's Wag is Suzanne Millar

Who's yer man? 

Ryan Millar, Ravenhill YM

Is he any good?

He's probably one of the oldest in the team. He didn't play when he was younger and now he regrets it, as he thinks if he had, he could have been playing at a high level now!

His worst habit?

Having one of those E-Cig things constantly hanging out of his month. And he's meant to be the athletic one!

His best quality?

I'll say his athletic build, because I know that's what he'd want me to say.

Sexiest footballer around?

At the minute, I'd say Cristiano Ronaldo. Our son is a big Ronaldo fan, so I have been seeing a lot of him!

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