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Anywhere but Manchester City for Wayne Rooney, say Ulster's United fans

By Frank Brownlow

For Red Devils supporters, the biggest kick in the teeth would be Wayne Rooney scuttling across Manchester and joining that other lot, the nouveau riche of Eastlands.

That’s the overall view of several local United fans in the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson’s revelation that Rooney has asked to leave the club.

United fan Martin McGivern, of Warrenpoint, said: “There’s no player bigger than the club.

“If a player is not happy at the club then it’s time for him to go.

“Maybe the situation is related to Rooney’s private life — perhaps he wants a clean break away from England.

“I would imagine Rooney will move to Spain — United certainly won’t want him going to Manchester City. I certainly don’t want him to go to City!

“City is obviously a possibility but I think Rooney would like to play alongside Ronaldo again so Real Madrid would be his most likely destination.

“If things can be sorted out, Rooney could stay at United because Sir Alex left the door open and if both sides can work out what’s going wrong, then who knows?

“But the closer we get to the January window, the more United will be pushing to sell.”

Gary Copeland, of Belfast, echoed the views of many United supporters when he said: “I am disappointed with Rooney.”

He continued: “All the United fans I have spoken to have been comparing the situation to the departures of David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

“But Rooney leaving would be a bigger loss because he is younger, although his form has been so poor of late.

“But you just wonder if there’s something else going on in the background.

“There’s always the possibility that Rooney could stay but after watching Sir Alex Ferguson’s interviews, it doesn’t look likely that will happen now.

“If Rooney’s desire to leave is all about money then he will probably end up at Manchester City.

“If he wants to experience a different style of football, he will probably go to Real Madrid.

“Barcelona already have Lionel Messi and David Villa, so I don’t see Rooney ending up there.

“Rooney doesn’t seem the type to fit in with the lifestyle of another country but at Real Madrid the manager Jose Mourinho and many of the players speak English so a move there might suit him.”

United fan Ian Hall, from Dungannon, said: “It came as a surprise that Rooney wanted to leave.

“In previous dealings with players Sir Alex has shut the door on them when there has been a difference of opinion. But this time he has left the door ajar.

“Sir Alex actually seemed gutted when he was taking about it — I have never seen him so disappointed in anyone. I think most United fans feel the same way!”

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