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Luiz braced for tough tests

David Luiz's faith has played a big part in his journey from Sao Paolo to Stamford Bridge but he accepts physicality will be just as important as philosophy if he is to succeed at Chelsea.

Luiz, who is set to make his first start for Chelsea at Fulham on Monday, was brought up in Brazil with a firm religious background. He believes that, as well as a strong work ethic, has stood him in good stead his career so far.

"I am a guy with a lot of faith," said the £25million January recruit.

"I believe when you have faith things will happen for you. My faith is what makes me strong and makes things happen for me.

"But I don't cross my arms and wait for God to do everything for me. You have to want it and go for it and chase your dreams. My dream is to be admired as a football player and as a person."

Having played his football in the leagues of Brazil and Portugal prior to his Chelsea move, Luiz also accepts he will need to get used to the rigours of the Barclays Premier League. It is a challenge he is ready to take on.

"I knew the Premier League from TV already. I have also talked a lot to Ramires, he is always passing on positive information," Luiz said.

"It's a lot faster and more physical than where I have played before. But if I didn't like the physical side of the game then I would be a tennis player.

"It is not just a case of knowing what to improve but in general to become a better player."


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