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Premier League still tops: Torres

Fernando Torres is sure the English top flight is still the world's greatest league — and is determined to help Liverpool become its champions once again.

The Reds travel to West Ham in the Barclays Premier League tomorrow as their quest continues to bring home the trophy that has eluded them for almost 20 years.

The division has changed beyond recognition since the last time Liverpool were crowned champions in 1990, with the influx of superstar foreigners like Spanish striker Torres placing it in the eyes of many above any other leagues across the globe.

Such feeling has cooled somewhat after a summer which has seen the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso arrive in Spain to boost the Primera Division's box office appeal. But for Torres England is the place to be.

“As a competition it is the best one,” Torres said. “When you are talking about organisation, respect, and having all the stadiums full every weekend, it is really nice to see that.

“In Spain they have some of the better players in the world, but as a competition, it is not as big as the Premier League. I was playing in Spain, and I can tell you honestly, the Premier League is a much better competition.”

Liverpool will be hoping for success both at home and abroad this year, but with the drought in league success ongoing and the prospect lurking of Manchester United overtaking the Reds' record all-time haul of 18 titles, Torres admits that the Premier League may have to take priority.

“We know that for the fans, for the club and for the majority of the players, the Premier League is a fantastic competition and we have had plenty of years not winning it, so maybe it is the priority,” he said. “We don't feel the pressure, but we know it would not be the best for Liverpool fans to see Manchester United with more English titles than us. But I think we are on our way, we are doing everything in our power to win trophies and we will see what happens.”

The Spain striker said he was looking forward to giving the fans something to celebrate.

“I think the supporters cannot imagine what it would be like,” Torres added. “I saw when Liverpool won the Champions League, all the people around the city, and I remember when Spain won the European Championship and millions of people were in the street. I think it will be similar.”

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