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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Costello urges restructure

Published 12/12/2011

Gaelic Football
Gaelic Football

Dublin chief executive John Costello has urged the GAA to restructure the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

In his report to next weekend's annual convention, Costello argues that the series needs a new format to address the imbalances and inequities inherent in the provincial system.

"While the provincial structure has served the Association well since it's inception, it is time to restructure the Championship to make it more equitable and perhaps breathe new life into the earlier rounds of the competition," he says.

Costello wants to see the 32 counties distributed evenly among four groups, organised along geographical lines.

"Perhaps we have played hostage to the constraints of both geography and history for too long and I believe that there is now a mood and appetite for change.

"As the Championship currently exists, some counties face long gaps between games and there is a total imbalance between the potential number of games various counties would play if they went on a winning streak from opening round to All-Ireland Sunday.

"I would argue it is now time to set up Four Conferences with eight counties in each Conference. It would be organised along geographical lines and has the potential to give birth to new county rivalries, which, heretofore, were very limited because of provincial divides."

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