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Thursday 17 April 2014

'Get in the hole!' – a brief history

MEDINAH, IL - SEPTEMBER 30: Rory McIlroy celebrates after Europe defeated the USA 14.5 to 13.5 to retain the Ryder Cup during the Singles Matches for The 39th Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club on September 30, 2012 in Medinah, Illinois. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

After every one of Team USA's shots during the Ryder Cup, you could guarantee that at least one beer-fuelled idiot in the crowd would break the post-shot silence by shouting "Get in the hole!"

The refrain – both genuine and ironic – has become a common cry at major golf tournaments, to the immense irritation of rational-minded people everywhere.

"It definitely comes from America, where it has been exacerbated by the stadium-style golf that they have tried to organise on the PGA tour," says Shaun McGuckian of Golf Punk magazine. "It's trying to be funny with the imagination of a nation that can only chant three letters (U-S-A). It gets louder as the beer flows." But we're not without such banter ourselves, notably those droll wags at Wimbledon who still think shouting: "Come on, Tim!" at Andy Murray is as funny as it was in 2006.

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