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AIBA president vows to punish Michael Conlan for 'humiliating' Rio Olympic judges: 'A lot of disciplinary action will follow'

By Will Slattery

AIBA president Wu Ching-kuo has responded strongly to Belfast boxer Michael Conlan's reaction to his shock Olympic quarter-final loss, saying that a 'disciplinary commission' will be set up to deal with the matter.

After the judges ruled against the bantamweight in a highly controversial decision, Conlan raised his middle fingers in the direction of the judges and subsequently gave an expletive-filled interview to RTE where he called AIBA corrupt.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the organisation's president has said that he will look to punish Conlan because of how he treated the judges.

"He immediately showed his finger to the referee-judges," Wu said to AP journalist Greg Beacham.

"The IOC says this is totally unacceptable. You cannot humiliate people. They are officials. He put himself in a difficult position, I can tell you. A lot of disciplinary action will follow.

"You should show proper behaviour. If you are not happy about the result, you cannot humiliate in public our referee-judges. So that has already drawn a lot of people's attention who want to punish him.

"So we are going to have a disciplinary commission for the case."

Conlan has already stated that he will likely go professional so it remains to be seen whether AIBA can do much in the way of a punishment.

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