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Friday 18 April 2014

Bowls: No stopping Nolan as Phylis takes home Irish crown


Phylis Nolan is the queen of Irish bowling following a tremendous display in the singles at the Irish Women's Bowling Association Championships at Dungannon last Wednesday and Thursday.

She beat the winner of many titles throughout the world, Margaret Johnston 21-9 in the semi-finals and won the final by the same scoreline, against Ann McKenna - an awesome display.

Olive Paisley and Sally McAuley had an impressive 25-14 win over Margaret Campbell and Bernie O'Neill in the pairs final.

In the triples Margaret McCord was a 20-15 winner against Nuala Whitney and the fours title went to Christine O'Gorman, 18-15 against Ida Eldon.

Gemma McClean won both the under-25 singles and pairs titles, which are decided on best of three sets. She beat Alison Bell in straight sets in both finals.

The Ladies Bowling League of Ireland won two titles, with the Northern Ireland Women's Association and the Private Greens' Women's Association collecting one each.

SINGLES: semi-finals, D. Kane, NIWBA 15, A. McKenna, PGWL 21; P. Nolan, LBLI 21, M. Johnston, PTWA 9; final, Nolan 21, McKenna 9.

PAIRS: semi-finals, O. Paisley/S. McAuley, NIWBA 22, S. Bailie/K. Woodside, PGWA 11; P. O'Callaghan. P. D'arcy, LBLI 11, M. Campbell/B. O'Neill, PTWA 28; final, Campbell/O'Neill 14, Paisley/McAuley 25.

TRIPLES: semi-finals, E. Gregg, S. Baillie, M. McCord, PGWA 17, J. Walker, G. Jeffers, M. Mallon, NIWBA 12; I. Callaghan, M. Hoey, N. Whitney, LBLI 22, N. Marshall, A. Forrest, D. Baird, PTWA 16; final, McCord 20, Whitney 15.

FOURS: semi-finals, A. Bailey, N. Hunter, B. Craig, A. Phillips, PGWA 3, C. Scully, N. O'Reilly, P. Dawson, C. O'Gorman, LBLI 20; B. McGleenan, P. Donnelly, B. Shackels, I. Eldon, NIWBA 15, M. Paul, E. Hamilton, K. Pitts, M. McCulloch, PTWA 13; final, O'Gorman 18, Eldon 15.

UNDER-25 SINGLES: A. Bell 0, G. McClean 2.

UNDER-25 PAIRS: B. Robertson/G. McClean 2, S. J. Clenaghan/ A. Bell 0.

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