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Wednesday 23 April 2014

GAA: Compromise over minor problems

The St Paul's club sub-committee which oversees the organisation of the Ulster Minor Club Tournament have handed out a bouquet to the Ulster Colleges Council.

In recent years, some fixtures have clashed with important colleges games, thus creating problems for team managers.

But when it was decided to hold a 'summit meeting' to decide how this problem could be tackled, a satisfactory compromise was reached.

Billy McLarnon, the St Paul's treasurer, explains: "Obviously the last thing we want is any conflict with any other competition. So when we felt that there was a real problem in relation to the colleges, we got together with their officials and it has now been decided that this coming Saturday will be a blank date in terms of fixtures for our tournament."

McLarnon points out that the Ulster Colleges Council officials have been " more than co-operative" in terms of resolving the potential impasse.

"Yes, we are very happy with the meeting we had with them. We are satisfied that the colleges competitions and our own tournament will now proceed without difficulty," adds McLarnon.

Coalisland won the competition on New Year's Day but they won't be back to defend their title as Errigal Ciaran have since been crowned Tyrone champions and will be the Red Hand representatives this time round.

"Coalisland proved superb champions. They really helped to lift the overall standard of play. Now Errigal Ciaran face a similar challenge," says McLarnon.