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New 'spy' evidence a threat to McLaren

By David Tremayne

In a move that could have serious repercussions for the McLaren Formula One team, the FIA Court of Appeal hearing of the Ferrari espionage case has been cancelled.

Instead, following fresh evidence, the World Motor Sport Council will reconvene on 13 September, and McLaren has been "invited" to attend.

Sources at the FIA refused to comment on the new evidence or its source. It is possible it will involve allegations that the managing director at McLaren, Jonathan Neale, knew of the company's possession of the Ferrari documentation before team principal Ron Dennis was informed, or that some of the Ferrari information was used on the car in which Lewis Hamilton currently leads the world championship. McLaren has denied such allegations.

After an extraordinary meeting on 26 July, the World Motor Sports Council declared their satisfaction that, while McLaren Mercedes were in possession of confidential Ferrari information, there was insufficient evidence that it was used "in such a way as to interfere improperly" with the Championship. No penalty was therefore imposed.

Ferrari appealed and that appeal was due to be heard on 13 September.

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