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Sexton’s vow to KO Rogan

Sam Sexton says he’s ready to kill off the career of Martin Rogan when they clash in their re-match at the Odyssey Arena on October 9.

Sexton snatched Rogan's belt with a controversial late stoppage in May and says he will end any debate over who should be the champion.

“I know all of Rogan's fans thought I got lucky in Belfast but the result will be the same. I'll go into the trenches again and I'll stop him again as well,” said Sexton.

“I know exactly how to beat him now, and as long as I don't do anything stupid then I'm going to win this fight more easily than I won the last one.”

Rogan said: “Anyone who saw our fight knows that Sexton was out on his feet and ready to go when I got pulled out because of a swollen eye.

“I was one punch away from victory, and I certainly didn't feel like a loser when I left the ring. Sexton is going to be toast when I catch up with him.”

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