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Tot in bomb blast

A tiny toddler yesterday miraculously survived the latest murderous attack by bloodthirsty dissidents.

The helpless two-year-old was one of THREE kids hurt in a terrifying no-warning bin-bomb blast in Lurgan, Co Armagh.

Reckless terrorists planted the crude device outside a school in a bid to kill police officers who had been frantically searching for the device. But instead it was two 12-year-olds and a tot who were injured by flying debris when the crude pipe-bomb exploded in a wheelie bin at Kilmaine Street.

Chief Inspector Sam Cordner said: “It was a miracle these children were not more seriously injured by this sickening attack.”

Campaigning dad Colin Parry — whose 12-year-old lad was killed in the 1993 IRA Warrington bin-bomb — said the Lurgan attack brought back horrific memories, adding: “Thank God these kids weren’t killed like my son.”

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