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6 of the best bargain gadgets

Save your hard-earned cash this festive season with these fantastic gifts, all priced under £50

By Keeley Bolger

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker, £10.99, Give the gift of sound this Christmas with this Amazon portable speaker. Designed for those on-the-go, it easily fits into an adult hand and is light enough to stash into a bag. Being a budget speaker built for movability, the sound quality isn't crystal clear, but for plugging into Christmas playlists and playing them via Bluetooth, or using as a speaker phone for group festive phone calls to family and friends, it's decent. Best of all is the waterproof strap which means you can attach the speaker to your shower and blast out some festive songs while you're scrubbing up.

Kenwood Spiralizer, 0.5 Litre, £36.48,

Christmas might not be the time to think about courgetti ribbons and beetroot ‘pasta’, but come Boxing Day and beyond, this Kenwood Spiralizer might be just the ticket to keep everyone from slumping their way into the New Year. These machines had their moment in the sun at the start of the year for good reason, but if you’re new to the game, this is a solid performer to start you on your spiralizer journey. All you do is place your veg of choice into the funnel, press start and watch mesmerised as the compact machine makes ribbons out of it. You can also make pappardelle-shaped strands, if that’s more to your liking. If nothing else, it might make all those leftover parsnips and carrots look a bit more exciting in the cold light of day.

Google Chromecast, £30, Google store,, Currys, Argos,

For those who don't have a smart TV for catch-up services, clashing TV programmes can mean missing out on your favourite shows over Christmas. This is where the Google Chromecast comes in. Essentially, by attaching this Chromecast dongle to your TV's HDMI port, it will make your TV smart. That means you'll be able to mirror your tablets or smartphones on to your box and watch any streaming platforms you subscribe to, as well as online terrestrial catch-up services. If you want to go for the personal touch, this dongle also allows you to stream any festive footage you've taken on supported Android devices on to the TV. Best leave it to your family to decide whether that's a welcome present or not.

BaByliss Pro Nano 200 Mini Hair Straightener 2860BAU, £9, Debenhams,

This tiny straightening tool from BaByliss is the perfect gift for the style conscious, especially those who travel frequently. The compact size and shorter cable means it fits into bags - and medium-sized stockings - easily. While full-sized straighteners will give a sleeker look for longer hair, these are all about speed and portability. They heat up in about 30 seconds and are ideal for styling shorter dos, fringes and sorting out the odd kink.

Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror & USB Battery Pack 3000mAh, £29.99, Carphone Warehouse,

Multi-functioning is the order of the day with this gift. While on the surface it looks like a standard compact mirror, it's actually a light-up compact mirror and a battery pack. The idea is that you can charge small USB devices like phones and tablets on the hoof, while at the same time perfecting your look in the mirrors; one regular, one magnified. The LED light is especially useful for dark, winter days, and for ensuring any lipstick traces from smooches under the mistletoe are caught.

RED5 Mini Cooper Remote Controlled Car, £15, John Lewis,

Who needs a flash full-sized car this Christmas when you can have a flash mini-sized car instead? And if you're going to have a mini-sized car, you might as well have a mini-sized Mini. This one from John Lewis, which runs on three AA batteries for the car and two AAs for the remote control, is 1/24 the size of a standard Mini Cooper Countryman, but has all the fun of a standard version. Functioning LED rear and headlights will warn any human obstacles of the car's presence, while you whizz it forward and back using the remote control.

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