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Amazon drops gendered listings for toys, customers can no longer search for items for 'boys' and 'girls'

Amazon has dropped gendered search options for its toys, grouping guns and Barbies together and no longer deciding which are for boys and which are for girls.

The option to search just for toys made for boy or girls has been quietly removed, some on the internet have spotted.

Instead, customers can just search through the remaining options, like age range or genre.

The options previously brought up stereotypical toys for each gender — offering domestic-themed toys for girls, for instance, and military-themed ones for boys.

Backlash against gendered toys has grown in recent years, with campaigners saying that there is nothing about girls that should make them any more welcome to play with Barbies than cars.

Both retailers and manufacturers have responded, offering gender-neutral toys or changing their gender-specific ones so that they can be more empowering.

Source: Independent

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