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Ashley Madison hack: Chart shows cities with most potential cheaters

A chart made from the Ashley Madison hack has revealed the top 25 cities with the most potential cheaters.

On Tuesday, hackers who stole customer information from the website, which encourages people in relationships to cheat on their partners, posted all of the data they took online.

Data visualisation website dadaviz has produced a chart of the cities with the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts. We have recreated the graphic below:

London comes in at 9th, with 179,129 accounts, meaning two per cent of Londoners could have registered on the site in the hopes of having an affair.

São Paulo tops the list, with 374,542 accounts, followed by New York at 268,171 and Sydney with 251,813.

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No other UK city made it onto the top 25 cities with the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts.

However, a lack of email verification on the Ashley Madison site means it is easier to create accounts under other people’s names. This could mean that some of the emails posted are not genuine users and may be the result of a scam or prank.

Among the email addresses found to be registered was married SNP MP Michelle Thompson, who denies using the website, saying her email address was “harvested” by hackers.


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