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Games Review: Damnation

Created by the same technology that gave us Gears of War, Bioshock and Mass Effect, it would be reasonable to expect Damnation is something special.

Certainly, the story behind the game promises explosive action; a revision of the US Civil War that sees you take on an army of evil robots which help see the conflict extended by 40 years.

Things take a turn for the confusing though as you control of Hamilton Rourke and set out to find your lost fiancée. Guess the whole Civil War plot was a little thin and the designers felt a little romance was needed to beef things up.

Your time in the game is split mainly between shooting and jumping across roofs but neither proves particularly easy to pull off. This is mainly down to a poorly-thought out control system eg having to use two separate buttons to punch.

Weapons are a chore to use too. Headshots don't even slow enemies down but you certainly won't enjoy that luxury as you hit the ground time and again if artillery even glances at you.

Then there are the levels - horrendously long and boring. You will get sick of repeatedly moving that oh-so-slow crosshair up to yet another bad guy's head before pumping round after round into it until his already lifeless body finally hits the ground.

The highlight of the game is the unintentionally-hilarious voice acting, with some lines in there that make Steven Seagal look like Oscar Wilde.

This isn't nearly enough to save it though as the dodgy controls, underwhelming graphics and poor level design add up to a pretty unsatisfactory experience.

Damnation is out now on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

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