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Google Expeditions rolls out to schools to take pupils on virtual tour

By Mark O'Beirne

Google is rolling out its Expeditions kits to schools in Ireland and the UK, enabling students to see the world without leaving the classroom.

The kit is made up of Google Cardboard VR headsets and compatible smartphones, a tablet, a wireless router, and a designated app. These in tandem enable teachers to bring up to 50 students at a time to see sights like the Great Barrier Reef and the Taj Mahal, or experience things landing on the Moon.

“With Expeditions, Google aims to help students explore the whole world right from the comfort of their classroom desks” company spokesman Patrick Lenihan said. “The Pioneer Program brings Google Expeditions right to students and teachers so they can take trips anywhere from the Great Barrier Reef to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.”

The app comes preloaded with panoramic images from 220 locations. The teacher controls what the students see using the tablet, which is wirelessly connected to the smartphones held by the Google Cardboard viewer.

Google Expeditions is in a pilot phase and has been rolled out in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Sweden. Ireland has become the latest country for the programme to be rolled out in.

Google Expedition programme demonstrators will be visiting schools in Dublin and Belfast over the next two weeks to train teachers in how to use the kit and to show off its capabilities.

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