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Google Glass 2: Pictures of wearable screen revealed as Google looks to bring smart glasses to work

New photographs and leaks suggest that the new headset will be much higher-performance and more robust, to go alongside an attempt to bring the device into enterprise

The second version of Google Glass has been revealed, with Google opening that the often-mocked glasses can find success with an entirely new direction.

Leaks and photos show that the second go at the glasses are bigger and more robust, as well as packing in new internal parts. And Google is pursuing a new strategy for the glasses, looking to sell them to industry and workplaces rather than to the general public.

Google announced at the beginning of this year that it was halting sales of the eyewear, and that it would focus instead on a new version. That new version has been seen for the first time, in new pictures.

The new glasses have a new processor and connectivity parts so that they will be able to run faster, as well as improved battery life to allow them to charge less. That is all packed into a bigger and more robust headset, which is waterproof and more resistant to getting broken.

But consumers won’t be able to get their hand on the new glasses. Google will only be selling them through a special programme that will see them go straight to companies, which will be able to load up custom software before they are used.

It’s not clear yet which companies will be buying the glasses, though previous suggestions have included medical professionals and designers.

The device has been revealed in photographs submitted to the Federal Communications Commission in early December, and made public this week.

Google released the first version of Glass in March, 2014. It then opened it up to more users in May of that year — before stopping sale of the glasses, with a promise to bring them back.


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