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Grand Theft Auto V's grand entrance leaves stores swamped


RETAILERS here have said that the demand for Grand Theft Auto V has been the biggest they have ever seen.

The hotly anticipated video game went on sale at midnight on Monday and gamers flocked in their droves to ensure they went home with the highly sought-after game.

As hundreds lined the streets outside shops across Northern Ireland, stores were enjoying a boom in business.

With sales estimated to top £1bn, retailers say it is the biggest release they have ever seen.

HMV Belfast store manager Jamie Rider said: "We had a midnight launch and it was queued out the door. People were in checking the game earlier and the queues just kept coming.

"We opened early yesterday at 8am and we have sold more copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 than any other game."

He added: "We have actually just sold out of it but will have more in today.

"It is definitely the biggest release we have seen within our store."

Since the game was released queues have been out the door at the popular Game shop.

Sales assistant Aoife Goodwin said: "There were over 700 people here last night and today it has been close to the same but it was just more staggered throughout the day.

"It's been so busy but really good fun.

"I don't think we expected it to be quite as busy as this, but it's great for business and so good to see."

She added: "One of the stranger requests was when a man phoned up to ask if he could buy 30 copies. Why he wanted to do that I have no idea."

Yesterday, many gamers who were hoping to make a quick purchase on their lunch break were startled as they were met by the large crowd.

Among those hoping to make a quick stop was Michael Clarke (27). He said: "I've been waiting on the game for a few months.

"I expected there to be a crowd last night, but I really didn't expect it today.

"It's probably one of the best games ever, so all of this is definitely worth it."

Zach McMordie (23) added: "It's a really fun game, but I wasn't expecting people to be here today, I'm just feeling hungry now."

Aaron McAllister (22) thought that he had beat the queue by coming a day after the official release.

He said: "I've played all the GTA games I thought it would be more convenient to come today and beat the queue last night. I didn't expect there to be so many here today as well."

Others had anticipated the wait and had cleared their schedules for the foreseeable future to get their hands on the coveted game.

Callum Hamill (19), from Belfast, said: "I am feeling pretty excited, I've been waiting and saving up for a good while. I don't know why it's so good.

"I probably won't come out of my room for a while now, I was supposed to go out tonight but I spent my money on this instead," he added.

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