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Heated knife takes 'effort' out of spreading butter

Hard butter straight from the fridge poses many problems for toast and sandwich lovers until now that is.

The dilemma of ripping bread apart by trying to spread solid butter has been cracked by designers who have developed the world’s first ever heated knife.

Reaching a temperature of 48C, which researchers deem as the perfect temperature to achieve spread-easy butter, the knife is battery-powered and works at the touch of an LED button.

A poll of 3,000 people revealed that alongside burnt toast and cold tea, hard-to-spread butter is one of the UK’s biggest eating annoyances so the development of the Toastie Knife in conjunction with bread producers Warburtons will be a welcome addition the cutlery drawer for many people.

Warburtons has yet to set a date for the launch of the utensil but boasted that when it does, toast lovers will be able to spread their butter more evenly in less than 30 seconds - the time it takes for the heating element to reach its optimum temperature.

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