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If you are supposed to be working, do not read this: The eight best games to play on your online browser

By Jamie Campbell

In these days of graphics that come eerily close to reality and storylines so expansive that they resemble a Tolstoy novel, it can occasionally be nice to take gaming right back to its most forms.

The internet remains jam-packed full of arcade-y gems that can simply be accessed through your browser.

An askReddit page collected answers from users as to some of their favourite online games and these are some of the most wonderfully addictive classics that they came up with:

Robot Unicorn Attack: Jump your Robotic unicorn through a candyland world. Not only is this perhaps the most addictive thing you’ll ever play, the sound track is Always by Erasure, which you should prepare to have in your head for at least the next month.

You Have to Burn the Rope: Platform gaming at its most elementary. Bounce around a dungeon trying to burn the chord of a chandelier so that it falls on the head of whale-like boss known as “The Grinning Colossus”.

Pandemic 2: Play the ultimate evil villain as you try to evolve your disease to infect mankind and wipe out the entire population of the earth. Not so charming, but great fun.

Stick Cricket: Try and hit as many runs as you can in perhaps the most maddeningly frustrating, but oh-so-satisfying-when –you-master- it game online. Watch out for the spin bowlers.

Road of the Dead: Escape a quarantined city by driving down highway and smashing down ravenous zombies while, for whatever reason, the army pursues you.

Trial Bike Pro: Navigate through treacherous courses on a dirt bike. Great in-game physics make this highly rewarding. Look out for the sickening crashes when you rider falls.

Sonny: The best of the flash-game RPG’s (Role playing games), you play the role of a zombie and have to fight your way out the world of the undead.

Denise Lewis Heptathlon: A vintage classic from the BBC Sport website. Bash on keys as hard as you can to lead our girl Denise to gold (In 2000).

Source: Independent

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