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Irishman uses drone to send banana to sister

Drones can be used to capture some breathtaking images and videos of our beautiful country. They can also now be used to send bananas to your sister down the road.

That's exactly what Clare man Patrick Mungovan did when he was asked to drop over some fruit by his sister.

"My sister Jennifer lives two houses down the road and she had run out of fruit. I told her I'll fly over a banana to her. She didn't think that I meant it literally," he said.

Once I spotted my drone sitting on the kitchen table I got the idea. I just thought how funny would it be if I was to actually fly it over to her. She was delighted to receive the fruit after making its journey in the air."

Patrick (20) originally posted the video to his Facebook page, where it has been widely shared.

"I have received a great reaction to the video. Everyone is finding it hilarious and asking me what I will come up with next."

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