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Marina Joyce: YouTube star and her mother address concerned fans in video livestream

Joyce’s mother said that she was responsible for the cryptic ‘help me’ message in the video, which has led to calls from the police and huge tweetstorms

Marina Joyce, the fashion blogger who some claim has been kidnapped by Isis, has attempted to put the rumours to rest.

Concerned fans should not be worried that the vlogger is involved in a hoax, has been kidnapped or is endangered in some other way, her mother has said.

The statement came as part of a livestreamed video, hosted by fellow vlogger Aaron Currey, that appeared to be an attempt to shut down the furore over Joyce’s videos, which have seen police visit her house and tweets from many of YouTube’s most popular stars.

Cryptic videos posted by the YouTuber initially led to concern that her behaviour appeared unusual. And it erupted when one user claimed that Joyce had said “help me” in one of the videos.

That quickly led to a full theory that claimed that Joyce had been kidnapped. Proponents pointed to evidence including strange behaviour in other videos, and unusual items like guns seen in some videos.

Marina Joyce addressed those claims initially in a live stream of her own. After that came to an unexpected end, she began another video that was structured as an interview.

During that video, Joyce’s mother appeared on camera to address the claims that her daughter had been kidnapped or was otherwise unwell.

Joyce’s mother in particular addressed claims that her daughter had whispered “help me” in her most recent videos. That was the claim that began much of the speculation.

But Joyce’s mother said that what could be heard was actually her saying “like me”, as she attempted to tell her daughter how she should spin around for the video.

In the same livestream she addressed many of the other concerns that fans have voiced. She said that what appeared to someone telling her how to act was her, and that fingers and pieces of paper that appeared in the video – and became the centre of speculation – were actually just her helping out while making the film.

Marina’s mother, who has been reported to be called Cheryl, said that the bruising had come about because the family bruises easily. “There’s no abusive relationship,” she has said.

She also said that her daughter did have some strange beliefs – including about temples in Peru – but that they were not unlike the sorts of things that everyone thinks about when they are young.


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