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Netflix Twitter account hacked by OurMine: Hackers said they were testing its security

Netflix has become the latest high-profile company to have its Twitter account hacked by activist group and security consultancy service OurMine.

‘Netflix is hacked! #DramaAlert #OurMine #netflix Note: we are just testing your security, contact us to help with your security, Thanks,’ a tweet from Netflix US read.

The streaming service quickly deleted the tweet and said it was resolving the situation, but further tweets hashtagged #OurMine soon popped up.

The hack seems to have only affected the US account (@Netflix) and not the UK’s or any others. Netflix’s actual website and the accounts of its users are also believed to be safe.

OurMine has found its way into several high profile accounts, including those of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and publications BuzzFeed and Forbes.

OurMine tends not to wreak havoc after accessing accounts but instead encourages people to improve their online security and buy its consulting services.

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