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Six gadgets that no left handers should ever go without

By Staff Reporter

For those of you who don't know it, it's officially Left Handers Day on August 13, so if you think left is right, these great gadgets will suit you down to the ground.

Your Type

Left-handed keyboard USB corded, £39.95, from

Whether you're a fully trained touch typist or a keyboard amateur, if you're left-handed, you'll like this computer accessory. Unlike 'normal' keyboards, you'll find the numeric section on the left-hand side to make for a more comfortable typing experience. It connects to your computer via USB and comes with eight hot keys, including search, mute, email, volume and sleep. With these added extras, it's not just a good keyboard for left-handers, but a good keyboard in itself.

See Saw

Bosch 500W all purpose saw PFZ 500E, £50 from £62, from

This great quality electric saw by Bosch will sit well with DIY fans. Looking at it, you may find it hard to see exactly why it will appeal to lefties - but it's all in the detail. The device doesn't come with one safety switch lock, it comes with two. Near to the trigger, you'll find one lock on the left of the power tool and one on the right side - solely to suit those who are left and right-handed. It may be a small adjustment - but given how powerful the saw is (the motor is 500W) it's an added safety step that should stop you chopping down that prize rose bush by mistake. The saw itself is a comfortable hold and comes with two blades which are surprisingly powerful at cutting through wood and metal.

So In Stylus

Stabilo Smartball 2.0 left-handed ballpoint stylus pen, currently priced £6.53 from £12, from

Whether it's pens or scissors, there's nothing new about left-handed stationery. However, this gizmo gives the traditional writing tool a modern-tech makeover. Featuring a regular ballpoint pen (0.5mm) at one end, at the other you'll find a touch-screen stylus for use with tablets or Smartphones. STABILO has different versions for both left and right-handed users, so, whether you're writing your shopping list on a piece of paper or doing a sketch on your tablet, it will be a comfortable grip.

Super Swivel

De'Longhi Distinta 1.7l digital kettle, £129.99 from John Lewis

You probably haven't given much consideration to the base of the kettle, however, if you live in a household where at least one tea maker is left-handed and another right-handed, it can be a bone of contention. If it's not got a 360-degree base there are going to be arguments over which way the base faces and for one of you, it's going to be a pain to place the kettle on it. Not only does the Distinta 1.7L digital kettle come with a full swivel base to stop such arguments but it comes with another great function - you can heat the water depending on the type of tea you want. It heats it from 75-100°C, so if you're having a herbal tea and don't want the water to reach boiling point, you'll be in luck. The anti-scale filter is washable and it comes in four colours - the copper one is particularly pretty.

Shake On It

Left-handed EZ Mouse wired, £37.95, from

If you find you experience pain in your arm, wrist or hand when using a computer mouse, this vertical, left-handed version will make a great accessory. It's been created so that your hand sits as if it's shaking hands with the mouse - according to the manufacturer, this is the most natural position it could be in. If you're used to a traditional mouse, it will take a few minutes to get used to it, but then you'll wonder how you managed without it for so long.

Old Meets New

Booqpad for iPad AIR 2, £55 from

If you love your iPad but also feel you can't beat a good ol' notebook and pen, this case fits the bill. A sleek but simple design that looks good whether you're going into an important meeting or just sitting on the sofa browsing the internet, inside the case you can place a notepad (included with case) on one side and have room for your Apple tablet on the other. What makes this really appealing is that it's been designed to suit both left and right-handed users as it's symmetrical. So, if you're writing with your left hand, you won't be writing across your iPad. There are also pockets for credit/business cards.

App of the Week

Notability, £2.99, from iTunes

It's perhaps one of the most advanced, yet simple-to-use, note taking apps out there. You can use it to sketch, type, annotate PDFs and record audio.

However, did you know that if you click in the settings (in the library) you can change it so it's in left handed mode? Perfect.

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